Training department conducted by the Air Treatment Business Unit

Our trainingdepartment is made out inthe name ofAir Eco2nomy Campus. In addition to ongoing training of our staff, this programme is also focussed on our customers. For example, Portfolio Training Programmes for specialist planners are scheduled, as well as Road Shows for strategic acquisition of new customers.

The new aspects of Air Eco2nomy Campus is based on 3 pillars:

  • Internal training programmes
  • Customer training programmes
  • Scheduled events.

Customer training measures for planners, as well as events at which training is conducted, will be organized in collaboration with Sales and its requirements. The next step entails selection of the speakers and presenters conducting the measures (whether internal or external), as well as the venues and times of training.

Your training for our products
If you require trainings for our products and services, we would be glad to support you. Please get in touch with:

Hans-Joachim Heinze
Management of Air Eco2nomy Campus
Trainer for Air Eco2nomy Campus

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