Chemistry and pharmaceuticals

Strict requirements placed on materials and filtration

Production processes in chemical and pharmaceutical industries often unavoidably release dust. The satisfactory collection of these dusts – without their being whirled in the air, or being returned to the shop floor – is the task performed by GEA Deichmann dust-collection systems from Air Treatment.

Dust-collection systems are applied in a great number and variety of chemical and pharmaceutical production areas. A central area of application is dust collection within the context of cleanin-place systems (CIP). Such CIP facilities are installed in almost every chemical plant. They serve for regular cleaning and disinfection of the equipment, and are especially important for the shelf life and the safety of the products.

Air Treatment provides GEA Deichmanndust-collection systems for all CIP areas. It is especially in the area of product changes (for example, with pigments) that downstream filter systemsare essential, in connection with cleaning processes. The filter elements are designed as exchange units and can be easily and quickly replaced for product change. Further exemplary areas of use are the collection of dusts that are produced, for example, in sacking stations, and in production machines for tablet production.

All systems by Air Treatment are designed for use in high-quality processing systems, and they hold up effectively to high temperatures and aggressive chemicals. The system enclosures consist of robust stainless steel with special surface finish. All systems conform to European GMP Directives for quality assurance, and have been officially approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).