Safety down to the last grind

Increasingly nowadays, the operators of metalworking plants take measures to effectively handle metal dust, in order to protect the health of their staff, and to generally enhance operating safety.

Grinding steel, for example, can create a tremendous shower of sparks – which could easily start fires in an air-exhaust system. Dangerous dust also occurs, for example, while cleaning or sandblasting metal surfaces.

Shopfloor workers in metallurgical plants, as well as process mechanics, are especially endangered by dust, smoke, and gases in metal production, foundry work, and in steel forming – involving thermal processes such as hard soldering, soft annealing, metal spinning, or deep drawing. The dangerous substances produced here are especially quartz dust, heavy-metal dust, and soot smoke, which contain polycyclic aromatics and carbon monoxide. These conditions especially call for effective countermeasures.

In its product portfolio, Air Treatment has systems for temperature ranges up to 260°C. The optimal choice of filter material is then made in accordance with the field of application. The particular filter material can be delivered if required as pressure-shock resistant models, with the required explosion-pressure-release features.