Recycling and waste processing

Protecting staff and recovering valuable materials

Eliminate dangerous dusts and recover valuable raw materials: Special systems from Air Treatment fulfil both functions reliably.

A stand-alone industry has become established involving recycling and waste processing. Air Treatment supports this new industry with its special systems. The objectives of our efforts are protection of the health of our staff, as well as the systematic recovery of valuable raw materials.

When waste is sorted, various types of dust and light fractions are captured and must be collected. It is particularly the collection of dust that demands special expertise – which makes GEA Deichmann dust-collection systems by Air Treatment your first choice. An additional area of use is metal-scrap recycling, in which dangerous metal dusts mix with all dusts occurring from other materials. Here as well, systems from Air Treatment provide comprehensive solutions. In dust collection from incineration-waste shafts (where delivery vehicles dump their cargoes into waste incineration plants), unpleasant odours develop in addition to the dust. Active-carbon filters installed downstream of the dust-collection stage can effectively remove these odours.

In addition to the elimination of dust and odours,Air Treatmenthas also developed systems for recovery of valuable material. These solutions not only benefit recycling companies, but also all manufacturing operations in which surplus material arises from production: e.g., rejects, saw waste, and milling waste. Earlier, these materials were disposed at high cost and were not further exploited. Now, they can be systematically captured, collected, transported, and used for further applications.