Stone and earth materials

So that performance capability remains unbroken

In mining, in industries involving stone and earth materials, and in construction, mineral dusts represent the primary dangers for the health and safety of staff.

Although research on the effects of stone dusts has made progress over the past years, and despite new scientific insights that have been gained, the fact remains that the dangers posed by stone dusts are still being underestimated. Or, after a few years of progress, they are once again being underestimated. If actual operations in plants are inspected, it is hard to ignore the impression that – despite the employment of latest technology on the one hand – the simplest rules of combating dust are often being neglected.

Even though it is highly apparent that technology of the twenty-first century has significantly influenced the performance of machines and control systems, dust-collection technology in some cases is still at the level of the mid-twentieth century.

Air Treatment offers systems for dust disposal. The product portfolio covers dust removal in limekilns and grain mills, and extends to dust collection from conveyor systems.