Thermal processes

Dust removal with a cool head

GEA Deichmann dust-collection systems from Air Treatment assure high air-flow rates and effective particle removal in the removal of dust from the air at work places for welding, flame cutting, electrical cutting of metals, and thermal surface finishing.

In metal processing, thermal process such as welding, flame cutting, and electrical cutting play an essential role. Thermal surface-finish processes are also being more frequently applied.
In thermal spray coating, the required surface-finish materials in the form of wire or powder are heated by various processes to high temperatures, and are sprayed onto the processed components. Sometimes enormously high temperatures are involved here, depending on the technology. In the plasma-flame process, for example, a plasma arc up to 20,000°C deposits ceramic material onto the workpieces.

In almost all areas of technical work, thermal coating can be highly effective, especially in giving a material special physical properties that it would otherwise not have. In a great number of fields – for example, the automobile industry, textile processing, chemistry, medicine, machine tool construction, and aviation – Air Treatment can, thanks to the high temperature resistance of its systems and their compact design, offer dust-collection systems that provide high airflow rates and effective particle removal.