Before sawing and sanding get to your lungs

Where wood is being processed, it’s not only harmless shavings that are produced. In fact: aggressive dust can be stirred up in the air that can seriously endanger the health of workers.

GEA Deichmann suction systems with filter elements from Air Treatment reliably counter this danger. Few are aware of the fact that oak and beech dust can cause nose and even lung cancer. At the same time, it is still not clear whether the substances of wood dust itself directly cause the tumours, or whether chemicals used in wood processing can more or less penetrate piggyback so deep into the human organism that they can irritate the organism to a state of malignant proliferation.
Whatever the mechanism, there is no doubt that effective systems are in fact critical for the suction of wood shavings and grinding dust from machines such as planing machines and belt sanding machines.

GEA Bag Jet Filters and Cyclone Jet Filters are used in various suction systems in the wood processing industry: in production of particle board, and in related wood processing and treatment areas. GEA Deichmann suction systems include fans, dust transport ducts, and storage facilities such as bins for wood shavings. These dust-removal systems not only support health-protection measures: they also protect the environment and reduce the danger of falls in the plant, as well as other accidents. Since wood dust and shavings can also be sent to other processing steps (for example, in pellet production), such material recovery is growing in importance.