Climate-control solutions for the food and beverage industry

Meat and sausage products
Dairy products

First-class air treatment for top product quality

Systems from Air Treatment assure product quality, enhance work productivity, and reduce cleaning expenses. Reduction in cleaning costs results from effective cooling of production halls, lowering of microbe concentration, dehumidification of the air and – not least – by reliable operation of HVAC equipment.

The food and beverage industry extensively requires extremely hygienic air conditions and effective cooling, to assure optimal processing of easily perishable products. Air quality has a direct effect here on the quality and the durability of foods and beverages. This is highly evident in the example of a meat-processing plant that Air Treatment equipped with air-treatment units. This plant includes a cooling system that allows packing of cold cuts at around zero degrees Celsius and that disinfects supply air – which assures the enhancement of product durability and of plant productivity. Thanks to reduced microbe concentration, wet cleaning of the production line is necessary less frequently. Availability of the machines accordingly rose by several hours per week.