Tingling climate control for traditional thirst-quenchers

Series-model saving functions and energy recuperation make it possible for breweries, for example, to reduce their energy costs. The brewery Grolsch is among the companies that – thanks to Air Treatment – have achieved outstanding efficiency.

Beginning from 1615, the beer brewed in Grol in the Netherlands, Grolsch beer, has developed from a regional to an internationally acclaimed beer. The best-known product is in the bottle with the distinctive swing-top cap. In 2004, the company Koninklijke Grolsch completed a new brewery, which was equipped with 30 GEA Happel central air-handling units. Ten different models were ordered, most of which were large models for the bottle-filling line. These units are of course in compliance with standards, but are by no means conventional: GEA has reduced the air resistance of these units and has saved 120 kW (15 kW per unit) of consumed power. As a result, the HVAC systems satisfied the stipulations of the company to make the new brewery an example of power saving. At Grolsch, almost all of the GEA Happel central air-handling units have been equipped with energy recuperation systems to enhance efficiency.

In addition to energy savings, however, Grolsch also expected that noise-emission characteristics and service life would satisfy strict demands. All units, consequently, have very quiet fans. They also have double enclosures, which contribute to noise reduction. The galvanized-steel outside and inside walls of the units, in addition to other corrosion-resistant materials, also guarantee long life cycles.