Oil-mist filtration for a grinding machine

With kind permission of the company Robert Seckler AG, of Pieterlen-Biel, Switzerland

Air-flow rating:
2 x 1,000 m³/h

High-precision external and internal circular grinding machines are used to process high-alloy steel parts for the automotive industry and its subcontractors. These powerful, advanced compact electrostatic filters have short flexible hoses that provide effective suction and filtration of fine-mists from cooling lubricants that are produced in the machine enclosures. These filters assure a high degree of cleansing for the polluted air, with the result that operation in recirculated-air mode is effectively possible without difficulty.

System concept:
Systems with 2 ea. GEA MultiTron compact electrostatic filters

Type: KEF 05/1 EF
Equipped with: GEA Compact electrostatic filters, with:
  • Quiet blowers with infinitely variable electronic control
  • Control cabinet with the latest in electronic systems
  • High-voltage system with 25-kHz high-frequency technology