Separation of metal grinding dust from spring grinding machines

With kind permission from the company Ernst Schmitthelm GmbH & Co. KG, of Heidelberg, Germany

Air-flow rating:
6,000 m³/h (with retrofitting, up to 8,000 m³/h)

In production plants for compression springs, with plane grinding of the ends of these springs. The material being ground is alloyed spring steel or various types of stainless steel. The dust being produced is a mixture of metal particles and grinding-wheel dust.

System concept:
GEA MultiJet cartridge-type dust collector

Type: TJS-S/E-C-6/4
Filters installed: MPT polyester needle felt, coated
Equipped with: AF-12-6 GEA filter control
System components: Radial fan with motor
Guaranteed performance levels:
Dust concentration in pure gas: < 1 mg/m³
Life cycle: 15,000 operating hours