Filtration of welding fumes and smoke

With kind permission of the company Kessler + Luch GmbH, branch office in Leipzig, Germany

Air-flow rating:
20,000 m³/h

High-output, automatically operating cutting machines and welding presses, as well as manual welding stations, serve for the production of steel gratings. The process air exhausted from these systems is highly contaminated. Cartridge-type dust collectors that are controlled in accordance with differential pressure, and that use filter media that can be cleaned, provide optimal treatment of such heavily polluted air. During the winter, the clean filtered air can be returned to the shop floor in recirculated-air mode, which saves energy costs.

System concept:
GEA EuroJet cartridge dust collector

Type: EJC 20-C
Filters installed: 20 GEA filter cartridges
  • Material: cellulose
  • BIA application category: H
  • Type: GEA MultiPuls with exchange-technology system
Analogue GEA filter-control system, Type AF 12-4