GEA HeaMo AIR is the air-cooled system version for outdoor installation, to employ outside air as source of energy for exclusively cold or hot water operations. For strictly cold-water operation, the air-cooled Cu-Al heat exchanger is used as a condenser, and as an evaporator in strictly hot-water mode.

One unit has four different modes of operation:

Automatic mode: For simultaneous requirements for cooling and heating, power is switched on or off, depending on the temperatures. Surplus energy is passed onto the environment, and a deficit in energy is removed from the surroundings.
Only cooling: The GEA HeaMo AIR operates strictly as a chiller, and the hot-water pump is deactivated.
Only heating: The GEA HeaMo AIR operates as a heat pump. The cold-water pump is deactivated.
Heat recovery: Only when there is a need for cold water does the system cover the hot-water requirements. When the required temperature level is reached, surplus heat energy is released to the environment.

  • 16 system sizes in the rating range of 35to 350 kW
  • 2 independent refrigerant cycles
  • 1or 2 scroll compressors per refrigerant cycles
  • Optional ST version for quiet operation and expanded possibilities of application
  • Optimal: 1 or 2 cold- and hot-water pumps
  • Plate heat exchanger for cold- and hot-water cycles
  • Feedback / closed-loop variable-command control for up to 5 units
  • Extensive accessories