Documentation and Certification

GEA Air Treatment products are specifically designed for the precise control of air temperature, humidity and quality in applications such as telecommunications suites, data centres and clean rooms.
Our commitment to quality is assured in manufacturing, management and total service.

4 Service has received recognition and accreditation from anumber of organizationsincluding Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance, certified to ISO 9001.

The increased implications of FGAS and ozone depleting legislation places significant responsibilities on end users.

In response to this GEA Air Treatment 4 Service actively supports and manages this obligation on the Customers behalf, ensuring all statutory requirements are met, as well as appraising the Customer and addressing any amendments or expansion to the directive.

In Certification you can find our current certificates and approvals which further enhance our total commitment to quality and service.

In our Download centre you find all our publications, brochures, design hints, operation manuals, data & facts and software.