Market sectors

Air conditioning
As you would expect, GEA Air Treatment´s experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of complete air conditioning solutions is difficult to rival. This experience also covers a vast range of applications: from domestic dwellings to large industrial facilities. Our 4Service team can tap into this knowledge-base, ensuring your system delivers air to the exact specification you require 24/7.

4Service engineers have a comprehensive understanding of refrigeration plant and conduct in-depth analyses of systems to monitor performance and troubleshoot. Many systems fail to deliver optimum performance due to factors such as contaminated refrigerant and moisture ingress – these and many other problems can be eliminated by the careful attention of a 4Service planned maintenance regime.

The performance of ventilation systems is coming under greater scrutiny due to tightening regulations around building leakage, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Because GEA Air Treatment ’s capability spans many aspects of air management, our 4Service engineers are able to ensure any specified ventilation system complies with current legislation and will deliver the required air change rates and filtration quality.

Our GEA 4Service engineers are experienced to perform system checks, software and hardware replacements on well known controls such as Matrix, RAM, Carel, GFR. Our 4service team is well-versed in connecting serial interfaces like Lon, BACnet, Modbus, OSPA to building control.