GEA Ultra-Denco

  • Increased heat exchanger surface
    Higher duty, better efficiency due to higher chilled water temperatures (longer free-cooling operation), less pressure drop
  • Better air tightness
    Casing is not pressurized
  • Increased filter surface
    Longer maintenance time interval, less pressure drop
  • Minimized air deflection and less air resistance
    Approx. 50% less fan power input, decreased demand of gross cooling duty
  • Less sound emissions
    Fan operates in the raised floor

Up to 61% less power input

Benefits from new unit configuration and component optimization
The configuration of the fan in the raised floor minimizes air-redirection losses and saves up to
61 % in power consumption over conventional coldwater systems. Larger filter surfaces and the resulting reduced pressure drops, enable longer maintenance intervals. The large 6-tube-row high performance heat exchanger, made by GEA, was optimized by our engineers for minimal pressure drops. It has been designed to achieve greater output – or, at the same output, more energy-efficient media temperatures.
Optimization of components through which water flows – such as heat exchangers, valves, and piping – has likewise drastically reduced waterside pressure drops. Since the fans in this configuration exclusively pull air over the unit, its enclosure is not under pressure – and demonstrates great air tightness. This avoids leaks.
Service access from the front enables very simple maintenance work.

Return air is carefully
guided over the cooling coil
using vanes to ensure
even distribution and
maximum heat exchange.
Positioning of internal
components such as fans,
coil, valves and pipework has
been optimised
Velocity field at the heat
Evenly distributed airflow over
the heat exchanger as a
result of air-guide vanes
and condensate drains.