GEA Denco Outdoor units


Well combined

The outdoor units are optimized for deployment with the GEA Denco EDP climate cabinets. The EDP climate cabinets of Version X can be combined with GEA Denco C-Range outdoor units using integrated compressors.
Those of Version A can be employed with air-cooled condensers GEA Denco DCRA, and Versions W + F can be used with the dry recooling unit GEA Denco DDRA, with or without hydraulic kit. The air-cooled compressor condensing unit is available with a multiplicity of options and optimized for energy-saving operation. Especially interesting for partial load operation is the design with tandem compressors. The air-cooled condensers GEA Denco DCRA and the dry recooler GEA Denco DDRA are available in three sound power level versions (standard 6-pole, quiet 8-pole and ultra quiet 12-pole).
The GEA Denco DDRA outdoor units are additionallyavailable with a hydraulic kit on a separate or common frame. The GEA Denco DCRA outdoor units can be ordered with a winter start kit for outdoor temperatures of up to -40°C.