GEA Denco C-Range

Air-cooled condensing units
Cooling duties of 4 to 38 kW
Refrigerants R407C, R134a and R410A can be used
Speed control via indoor unit

The GEA Denco C-Range is designed for outdoor installation, manufactured in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2008.

The equipment components are mounted on a solid base frame made of galvanized steel. They are located in an enclosure with synthetic-coated steel sheet. The compressor is protected by high and low-pressure safety switching, and the condensing pressure is regulated by means of a fan-speed controller. High- and low pressure measuring fittings are located on the compressor. The condensing units are delivered with a small holding charge of nitrogen.
Scroll compressors are fitted as standard for R407C, and are equipped with shut-off valves and a crankcase heater. If requested, refrigerants R134a and R410A can also be used.