GEA Denco DCRA- / DDRA-Range

Two ranges for outdoor installations

  • DCRA-Range:
    condensers with ratings from 3 to 75 kW
  • DDRA-Range:
    dry coolers with ratings from 32 to 100 kW

Refrigerants R407C, R134a and R410A
3 sound power classes, with 6 pole-motor as standard
8 or 12 pole motor as option

The two ranges looks absolutely identical when seen from the outside. They have the same dimensions, and are designed and manufactured for outdoor installation in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2008.

The condensers and dry coolers are equipped with directly driven, quiet-running axial fans with protection guards according to DIN 31001 and 24167. Selection is possible in 3 sound power classes (6-, 8-, or 12-pole motors).

The fans are statically and dynamically balanced with balancing quality Q 6.3. They are outstandingly suited for air intake temperatures of - 25 to + 55 °C. The weather-protected and maintenance-free motors have an IP54 class of enclosure protection, and class F for insulating material. The frame, enclosure, and feet are made of aluzinc steel sheet.