GEA CAIRfricostar Micro

Powerful, convenient, and compact

The second generation of GEA CAIRfricostar Micro swimming-pool climate-control units, like their predecessor models, offers compact dimensions, great efficiency, and flexible installation possibilities. For this second generation, GEA has completely revised all important system components and has adapted them to satisfy energy requirements of the future.

The smallest version of the GEA CAIRfricostar Micro 2 line has extremely modest dimensions: around 1,720 mm height and only 1,640 mm width. The duct connections for supply air, extracted air, outside air, and exhaust air are located on the upper side of the unit, to save additional space. Access to the integrated control cabinet is provided at the side, to enable Plug’n Play solutions. At the same time, however, the quadratic power package offers plenty of performance: air treatment of air flow rates up to 1,500 m³/h is possible with the model featuring the smallest installation depth (760 mm). The 4 additional models even offer up to 6,500 m³/h. The new GEA CAIRfricostar Micro generation is designed for indoor swimming pools with water surface areas of approx. 30 to 110 m² (depending on the range of air volume and the condition of the air).

A great deal of power for low operational costs
Dehumidification ratings range from 5 kg/h for the smallest models, up to over 33 kg/h for the large units. Models are available with (CAT) or without (CWT) heat-pump circuitry. When dehumidification can take place with operation in recirculated-air mode – for example, during the night – this is likewise possible owing to the integrated recirculated-air louvers (CAT). A certified high-performance, double-plate heat exchanger, in accordance with EN308, assures low operating costs. It extracts heat from extracted air and makes it available for the flow of supply air. An additional characteristic of the GEA CAIRfricostar Micro 2 is top-efficiency panel filters (class M5/F7). Each of them is installed behind the connection fittings for extracted air and outside air. The installed unit depth of 96 mm enables a large dust-storage bin, which means longer intervals between bin emptying: and, of course, lower operating expenses. Latest-generation EC fans move the air. Even today, they satisfy the energy regulations that will go into effect in 2015 – which likewise means relief for the customer’s budget.

Direct-digital-control systems (DDC) are already installed at the factory: the swimming-pool operator uses them to set the required values for pool air. Once set, the DDC unit selects the most favorable operating mode.

Extensive features in the standard model
Standard GEA CAIRfricostar features include high-quality insulation of the enclosure walls (approx. 50 mm thick). The basis for long model life is components already installed with two corrosion-protection classes. In addition to high-quality protective coating of the fans, the cooling circulation system, and a number of other components, class K of the standard version also offers aluminum and V4A stainless-steel components, as well as unit elements with additional coating for especially endangered areas. For more stringent requirements – for example, for salt water – corrosion-protection class H features additional protective coatings of cooling circulation system, louvers, and various components; epoxy coating of the heat-exchanger fins; as well as plastic-laminated circulation-system piping and PlasTex capillary tubing.

As a result of GEA membership in professional associations that certify EUROVENT and RLT equipment, our production plants and the technical data of our systems are regularly inspected by independent quality-assurance specialists.

GEA CAIRfricostar Micro Generation 2 product variants

For private and small public swimming pools (air flow of 800 ... 6,500 m³/h)

  • Mixed-air compact units in 5 model sizes, each with a heat pump for dehumidification and heat recovery by GEA ECOPLAT2 high-performance double-plate heat exchangers
  • DDC controllers

For private and small public swimming pools (air flow of 800 ... 6,500 m³/h)

  • Mixed-air compact units in 5 model sizes, each with high-performance heat recovery by GEA ECOPLAT2 high-performance double-plate heat exchangers
  • DDC controllers